If you are looking for a new home, be sure you are pre-approved. With a mortgage pre-approval, a licensed mortgage professional can do a more complete verification prior to sending you shopping for a home, and with that done, the dollar figure you are going shopping with is actually what you can spend.

When getting pre-approved, I will let you know for certain what you can afford based on lender and insurer criteria, and what your payments on a specific mortgage will be.

While shopping for your perfect home, I can lock in an interest rate for your protection. You are guaranteed to get a mortgage for the locked-in rate up to 90 days unless otherwise specified. If interest rates drop, you will receive the lower rate. However, if interest rates go up, your locked-in interest rate assures that you get the lower rate.

In order to get pre-approved for a mortgage, I will require a short list of information that will allow your buying power to be determined. There will be an explanation of all the information, including the benefits of shorter or longer mortgage terms, the latest programs available, which mortgage products will most likely meet your needs and preference, plus a review of all of the other costs involved with purchasing a home.

Before shopping for a new home, any potential buyer should get pre-approved for a home mortgage in Canada.

Contact me for a fast and easy pre-approval today! It will give you confidence that funding is available, and it can put you in a very positive negotiating position against other home buyers who aren’t pre-approved.

Get A Mortgage Pre-Approval Before Anything Else

When house hunting, applying for a mortgage pre-approval would be a good idea to start when looking to buy a home, and getting your application approved. Coming to have an overview of your financial budget and money allocation for a purchase price would give you an edge for your home shopping.

You could know how much you could afford for a mortgage and receive an estimated maximum amount for a mortgage loan from my network of more than 90 affiliated lenders.

3 Options For Your Favorable Rate

  • Fixed Prime Interest Rate
  • Variable Interest Rate
  • Hybrid Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

Guides and tips from my extensive field knowledge could potentially access you to different varieties of products and services. As well as represent you on numerous, financial institutions, banks, and prime lenders. Feel free to mix and match that best works on your plan.

Easy Application and Instant Approval

Being ready for complete documents and information could make the process easier and faster when compiled. Your mortgage could be done immediately within an hour and produce results that could instantly qualify you for approval.

Here are some mortgage documents needed to give you an idea:

  • Income Confirmation.
  • Government-issued ID’s
  • Downpayment confirmation
  • Information related to what you own
  • Information related to what you owe
  • Business Documents (if self-employed)

Get Your FREE Quotation Today!

Getting a step ahead of anything in life makes a significant impact especially on your mortgage application. In the end, taking the time to make the efforts and getting ready with your finances and documents for a pre-approval could drastically save you thousands from high-interest rates.

Using my mortgage calculator, you’ll receive a quotation via email indicating all the values you might need to know in proportion to your assets and liabilities for FREE. 

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With my access to modern technologies, connecting with me and my affiliate lenders had become easier and more convenient. You can always have a phone conversation for the time that works for you.


Whatever your financial needs may be, I have them stored for you. With the help of Dominion Lending Centre's tools and resources, I can offer you:

  • FREE personalized expert advice and consultations regarding your financial health.
  • Together, we will explore all options with ONE Application and ONE Credit Check.
  • To represent and negotiate on your behalf with more than 90 of my affiliated lenders.
  • Get the best deals available with the lowest rate, lowest payment, and save thousands from interest.

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My goal is to make you feel confident about your financial and mortgage decisions. Being the best professional mortgage specialist that works for you, I will gladly help you find the best mortgage offer that best suits your preference!