4 Conditions to Refinance a Mortgage in 2021

Refinancing Faizal Garasia 20 May

Your monthly mortgage is about to end but you like to finish your repayments sooner. Investigating a few methods to accomplish this led you to the subject of refinancing your mortgage. Initially, you had doubts regarding this method. For starters, you haven’t entirely finished paying off your initial mortgage. The second concern is you’re not […]

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Can You Purchase A Property Without Any Down Payments?

Home Purchase Faizal Garasia 4 May

It is such a sad occurrence you failed to secure your dream house because you lacked the necessary funds to make any down payment and reserve that property. You feel depressed, angry, and even irritated your savings didn’t make the cut to buy you that much-coveted residential unit. You also begin to question the integrity […]

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Mortgage Fraud Types 2021

Mortgage Fraud Faizal Garasia 15 Apr

This would probably be our shortest, most succinct, and truly direct-to-the-point blog post since we started providing you with informative posts and thought-provoking insights a couple of years back. Our topic is closest to your heart and most serious to take for granted because this afflicts everyone – you, me, and the greater majority of […]

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Will You Take a Second Mortgage?

General Faizal Garasia 3 Apr

Owning your own home is not easy as you think. There are so many things to attend to like completion of various government permits, payment of initial down payment, securing property insurance, etc.,  and contract(s) to sign like mortgage loan, contractor’s agreement, and miscellaneous clearances, to name a few. If this is not enough, you […]

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Refinance with Current Lender: Yes or No

Refinancing Faizal Garasia 18 Mar

Choosing to refinance with your current lender may help you simplify the process and save you time. However, there are numerous factors that you need to consider before you make this decision. It is a smart idea to shop around for multiple lenders to get the most favorable deal for you. In this article, we […]

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7 Tips in Getting Your Mortgage Approved

GTA Mortgage Tips Faizal Garasia 5 Mar

Purchasing a property is a challenging but fulfilling process. The requirements for your house purchase can be difficult, frustrating, or even stressful to accomplish at some point because you either lack the funds to support your dream acquisition or need other paperwork that your mortgage professional requires. If you are in a rut and probably […]

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Is Hybrid Mortgage Worthless Or Not?

General Faizal Garasia 9 Nov

Summery Are you the type of person who just sticks with one plan and go along with it or one of the many that struggles with what to choose? Or are you the type of person from a few who chooses both, diversifies financial possessions, and puts your eggs in different baskets? As hybrid mortgage […]

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Why Mortgage Rates are Getting Low?

General Faizal Garasia 2 Jul

Over the last couple of months, mortgage rates have been tumbling steadily, brokers are giving discounts for certain 1-to-5-year fixed rates. Some mortgage rates are as low as under 2%. The concern of COVID-19 second wave has caused Canada’s 5-year bond yield to fall to its own record low, which is pulling down fixed mortgage […]

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How to Buy Real Estate Property with No Money Down

Real Estate Faizal Garasia 22 Oct

When you work, you realize all your money goes to your bills and loans. You pay for water, electricity, and rent, among others. However, none of these things you’re paying for actually goes to you. As time passes by, you want to see where your money goes. You want to see that all your efforts […]

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How to Use RRSP to Buy Investment Property in Canada

Real Estate Faizal Garasia 22 Oct

A few decades ago, most Canadians would work, earn money, and spend their salaries on bills and other expenses. There’s no particular value given to preparing for retirement. That is why, in 1957, the government enacted the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) as part of the Canadian Income Tax Act. This is to encourage every […]

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