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Choosing to refinance with your current lender may help you simplify the process and save you time. However, there are numerous factors that you need to consider before you make this decision. It is a smart idea to shop around for multiple lenders to get the most favorable deal for you.

In this article, we will discuss if you should refinance your mortgage with the same lender or not.

Refinance Defined

Refinancing is the process where the current mortgage is replaced by a new one that pays off the balance of the previous one. When you refinance, you basically change the term of your mortgage with a more affordable interest rate.

Refinancing is available for home mortgage, auto loan, insurance, and any other types of transactions involving the borrowing of money. You have the option to do this if you feel that your existing mortgage is too expensive and need additional capital to settle your amortization on time.

Or maybe you have lost or changed jobs which affected your financial condition. By refinancing your mortgage, you can adjust the term that suits your current economic circumstances.

This being said, the best time to refinance your mortgage is when your finances are good, your credit score is high, and your credit reputation with lenders/creditors is laudable.

Is It Better to Refinance with the Same Lender or Not?

Which one is better?” you might be asking yourself.

The answer depends entirely on your current monetary situation. Speak with different lenders/creditors and check which deals match your financial status at the moment.

Another matter to consider on whether to continue with your current lender or not is current rates for mortgages . Choosing a new one will provide you with rates that are at fair market value compared to your previous one who can give you some privileges since you are a loyal customer.

Advantages of Refinancing with Your Current Lender

Here are some of the benefits of working with your current lender:

Lower fees– if your lender wants to keep you as a client, he/she will give you the best deal to keep you in business. You may be able to negotiate the interest rate and terms with them plus they may reward you for being a loyal client.
Shorter timeline– The process is usually faster when you work with your current lender. They have all the documents to process your application so you can close the deal faster.
Easy communication and established relationship– This makes the entire process easier and smooth.

Disadvantages of Refinancing with Your Current Lender

Working with the same lender does not t mean you have all the advantages your lender is willing to offer you.

You need to consider a few things before leaving your current lender in lieu of a new one and these are:
• You may need to rate-shop- you want to prove to your current lender that you are serious about getting the best deal, so you may need to provide estimates from other lenders.
• You may not get the best deal offer- not all the lenders will give you the best deal that they have because they know what your current rate is, so it holds the upper hand.

Either leaving your current lender or not carries risks that you have to weigh considerably to get the best rates available from your creditors.

Compare the mortgage plan you will receive between your current and chosen new lender and then proceed from there.

When to Refinance Your Mortgage

If your current interest rate is higher than the current rates for mortgages then refinancing is a smart idea. If, on the other hand, your financial situation has adjusted and you can’t afford to pay your current rate then it is time to refinance your mortgage to get the most ideal interest rate available for you.

Final Thoughts

Refinancing your mortgage may sound easy but it is actually not. Your goal is to get a lower interest rate and save money which is the reason behind your mortgage refinancing.

Do not take the first refinancing offer you get; instead, shop around and compare the different mortgage packages offered to you. Choose a lender that provides the most favorable interest rate and terms.

Remember that you have a choice and it is your present financial status that will dictate your refinancing decision even if it means replacing your current lender with a new one.


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